Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata HD - A Mystery Hidden Object Game App Reviews

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Been there done that...

I think BigFish is very shady with releasing these games as new !! Thankfully I remembered before I got to where I had to purchase !! Guess I am going to have to keep a list of the games I purchase so I won't buy something twice!!! Shame on you BigFish !! Would give zero stars if I could !!!

Game crashes at the end

Yet another big fish p of c. At the end when you have to defeat the bad guy there's nothing to do. The hint button moves you from place to place and finally says nothing to do

Dark Romance The Swan Sonata

This game has wonderful graphics and fun HOPs. Mini games are not hard..but interestingly DIFFERENT. Characters are realistic looking, and move realistically Nice job.

Shortest HO game I've ever spent $7.00 on!

Liked the map and ability to use portals and the change of character was interesting...I'm going to play the bonus, but this whole thing was a let down. Sorry...

Beautiful Game BUT...

Visuals are beautiful, voice acting horrible, dialog bad. Game progression well done, puzzles interesting, map good, and you can choose between match 3 or HOG. Game way to short for price in comparison to other games. However, did like story and games.


Very interesting have me trying to find the next step for hours

OH no! Someone is impersonating Odetta!

The free trial was short but fun. Nice imagination in the puzzles.


Love this game, gorgeous graphics, makes you think - which is why I play Games, however have not finished yet.

C'Mon!! This is ridiculous.

You guys released this game in April. Then you re-release it ..making it appear to be a NEW game. So I purchased it..AGAIN! Now I have to wait for the apple email. Which takes 7-10 days. And hopefully not forget to look out for it. Just so I can request a refund. This is an ongoing slime-ball move BF has been doing off and on for the past year. Its inappropriate. It's a scam. And it's just wrong. For the past 5 years, I've actually purchased almost EVERY single BF adventure game. So I know the history of BF games and business practices. And BF has gone down the tubes: 1) A third of their games have glitches. Some of those glitches actually stop the game from being played. 2) Most glitches are never corrected. Those that are corrected...it takes months for the update 3) BF stopped the (much-preferred) process of offering free trials before you buy. Many, many customers have requested the trials to be brought back. 4) Without the free trials, we are forced to make a leap of faith and purchase the games. But BF doesn't provide the name of the developer who made the game. This is critical info as certain developers are MUCH better than others. And certain developers I refuse to purchase. Again...customers have been requesting this info be provided for as long as the free trials were stopped (over a year). 5) Most of the BF games nowadays are reduced to simplistic hunt and peck games. A year or so ago, the games used to be very creative, long and a nice mental challenge. However..based on the games released over the past year... BF games have devolved into mindless tap-tap-tapping. Even on the "expert" settings, BF games have lost all adventure and critical thinking. (This is the number one reason I've stopped buying BF games). I've found that G5 has some beautifully creative and immersive games that BF no longer provides. 6) And clearly... BF doesn't listen to their customers... Who have been crying out for many things and are being ignored (Updates, glitch fixes, free trials, etc) I've contacted BF many times to stop presenting re-releases as new games. There was a time when BF put out quality games and adhered to proper and respectful business practices. So clearly, these changes over the past year (or more) are not simple mistakes or oversights. It's shady. And I'm saying "no more BF games for me."

A Good Game

I very much like the alternating hero/heroine viewpoint of game play. One of the better games I've played.

Beautifully Done

This a beautifully done game. I enjoy having choices. Every one is different and I'm sure some games other people don't care for I do. Would hate to see us all dress alike😄

Swan Sonata

Haven't played much,so far, so good!

Glad I Tried It

Good graphics. Puzzles are challenging, but not frustrating. So far, I haven't needed to skip a thing!

Beautiful, but...

This game has the option of changing to a "match three" game, or continue with the HO scenes. Easy choice since I hate match three games. But, I REALLY dislike HO games that have you find the pieces. So, though I'd LIKE to like this game, I don't. The free selection was very short. I hate puzzles that use lock picks, this one does. I can't remember all of the puzzles, but I was rather bored with it. I skipped some. The map seems okay. Sorry, BF, another no sale for me. I SO dislike what the new owners are doing to BF. I used to love their games. The old BF gave all free previews, which you don't, and then prices were much more reasonable. I HOPE you didn't sign a "no compete." Because I'd LOVE for the old BF company to start up another one.

Love love Big fish

Storyline so good.i very very love this game

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